Animation Project 2: Storyboard

For the second animation project, Jillian and I are working on creating an animation video for a song by fi :

The music is about the girl who has moved on from the past relationship and find new happiness. We have the idea of using images of catipillar and butterfly as analogy to convey the idea of transformation. Here’s our storyboard:

We have the idea of starting the animation with a bird’s eye view of an empty room where a girl is lying on the floor with her eyes closed and piles of packed boxes around her. then she sits up and looks out the window. Camera starts to zoom out and the view passes the window and through the garden outside and gradually the focus falls on the catipillar crawling on a leaf. While the camera focuses on the catipillar, a butterfly flies into the view in the background. Then the camera shifts the focus from the catapillar to the butterfly and follows the butterfly until the end of the video. During the period when the camera follows the butterfly, the position of the butterfly in the camera view stays unchanged. What will be changing is the background. So we will create the illusion of butterfly flying by shifting the background in one direction. The background will gradually getting abstract and some of the elements mentioned in the song, like rose, eyes that painted blue, thorns, broken hearts will be collage in the background. At the end of the animation, the background¬† turns blank and the camera stops following the butterfly. The butterfly then flies off the view.

We have illustrated some assets of the animation in SketchUp:


and for the butterfly and the catapillar and also elements appearing in the background towards the end of the video, we wanted to use cut outs and collages from old books or photographs:


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