Visual Language Week 1

The first assignment for the Visual Language Lab is to pick a design I like and analyze the system lies within the design. We can choose any form of graphic design, so I chose an example of environmental graphic design from a well-known architectural design firm, Gensler.

TechHub Interior Brand Design

TechHub is a growing co-working space for technology startups and business entrepreneurs located in London. Gensler designed the internal working space through the use of different colors and icons of computer programming syntax that act as both identification for the team suites and a mode of wayfinding within the space.

1. Clarity

To my understanding, the goal of this series of graphics is to give people a clear idea  of where they are at and where they are going—to clarify location. The design team uses colors and icons as identifications to different suites so that people can easily navigate within the space. They are easy to see, even for people who maybe colorblind, and easy to understand.

2. Consistency

Despite the use of different colors, the overall design is very coherent and consistent: the colors are painted only on the left and right side of the columns; the icon on each column is in the same color; the size of the icons are the same and they are lined up on the same level.

3. Simplicity

I think this is a very good example of showing simplicity in design. It’s easy to get all over the place with design, but it’s hard to achieve simple yet effective design. In this case, the primary backdrop color is sort of white/beige which set the overall tone for the space. The color variations on the columns add personality to the space without competing the primary color.