repetition and interaction

For this week’s assignment, we are trying to make simple rule-based interaction and algorithmic design with simple parameters. Here is what I came up with for this week’s assignment:

Also for this week’s assignment, I swapped sketch with my partner Kim and tried to alter her code to create something different from what she had created, here’s her original sketch:

and here’s what I created after played with her code by using the “for” to create a series of boxes lining up diagonally, and the color changes according to mouse position:



Drawing in P5.js

In my previous post, I post a very simple, beginner-level drawing done in p5.js. Here’s a slightly sophisticated and interactive version using primitive 2D shapes with (mouseX, mouseY) tab:

and here’s the code:

For further improvement, I am hoping to be able to place the glasses on over the eyes when I click the mouse.